SW-667Seafood Scissors / Shears

JIS420 J2 Stainless Steel
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Sharp and easy to use.
HRC 50


ABS with shell cracker
  • Product Description
  • Product Feature
  • Sharp long-lasting cutting blade for cutting lobster / shrimp shell
  • Perfect seafood tool for lobster / shrimp
  • Work both LEFT or RIGHT hands


Type Size Blade Thickness Weight
SW-667 7-1/2" 2.5mm 78g

Crack the Lobster claw with the serrated edges on the inner handles.

(Two hands may be needed to make the first penetration).

Use the scissor blades to open the claw shell.




The scissor blades then are used to open the lobster arms.



 Use the scissor blades now to open the Lobster underbelly and tail section.




King Crab Legs

The scissor blades are used to split the King Crab legs and knuckle.