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The founders of SHUNG WEI Industrial: Mr. & Mrs. Lin, started the business in 1972 as a domestic OEM company. In the beginning, they sold iron scissors as the main products. After six years of diligence and dedication, they purchased a small piece of land and constructed their own scissor manufacturing plant. Though the journey was hard, the persevered couple hacked their ways through difficulties in fierce market competitions and led the company into a steady expansion. They even proceeded to establish their own trading company to sell their products across the globe.

Time Line

Stainless Steel Scissors and Shears

Around 1980, our company started to investigate the ways to produce high-quality stainless steel scissors. At that time, the annual sales volume of SW-6101 series stationary scissors alone reached up to one million pcs. However, as the economic rise of China began around 2004, low-priced scissors from the country swept across the market.

The high-quality scissors of our company, accordingly, underwent sale declines. Since there is no way to contest with China products in price reduction competitions, our company discarded price wars and focused on producing Electrician scissors of excellent quality. The SHUNGWEI Electrician scissors are well sold around the world. The annual sales volume is around 400 thousand pcs each year. Many famous companies in Europe buy scissors from us. We not only produce our own brand, we also accept OEM orders.

If you are looking for excellent quality scissors, SHUNGWEI is your best choice!

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