SW-840LElectrician Scissors

JIS420 J2 Stainless Steel
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One blade with anti-slipping serrated 
56HRC hardness cutting edge teeth
Made with dual notch for cutting 70mm²
 cable and as cable / wire stripper

Bi-tone Nylon + TPV 
Fiber glass-reinforced Nylon
With terminal(ferrules) crimper from 1 mm² to 6mm²

Optional, made with fiberglass-reinforced Nylon
  • Product Description
  • Blades with fine serration for a clean, non-slip cut
  • Made with a notch on the edge as professional cable cutter and wire / cable stripper, can cut cable up to 70 mm²
  • Universal shears for electricians
  • Ergonomics handle, fiberglass-reinforced
  • 56 HRC hardness cutting edge
  • With terminal crimper from 1 mm² to 6 mm²
  • Adjustable screw



Type Size Blade Thickness Weight Specialization Notch
SW-840L 6-1/2" 3.5mm 130g Wire/cable stripping,
cutting cable up to 70mm²



Name Size (mm) Thickness Weight Material Photo
Sheath 25*65*105 2.5mm 36g Fiberglass- reinforced Nylon


The fiberglass-reinforced ergonomics handle, give you the most energy saving holding to cut the cable.
The excellent embedded crimper design of our scissors allows you to cut and crimp with the same tool. (From 1 mm² to 6 mm²)
Sheath (Optional)
The sheath makes the work easier and convenient to move around. (The photo shows the right way to pull out the scissors)
The excellent design notch on our scissors is your best choice to peel a wire/cable.
Serrated Blade
The serrated blade (dentated, sawtooth, toothed blade) grips the wire to make the cutting easier and better.