SW-843Electrician Scissors

JIS420 J2 Stainless Steel
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One blade with anti-slipping serrated teeth
56HRC hardness cutting edge
Can be made with a small notch for wire-stripping.
Can be made with dual notches for cutting 50mm² cable and as cable / wire stripper.

Bi-tone Nylon + TPV
Fiber glass-reinforced Nylon
With terminal(ferrules) crimper from 1 mm² to 6 mm²

  • Product Description

Blades with fine serration for a clean, non-slip cut

  • Can be made with notch on the edge as wire stripper and professional cable cutter
  • Universal shears for electricians
  • Ergonomics handle, fiberglass-reinforced
  • Cutting edges made from stainless steel, hardness of cutting edges 56 HRC
  • With terminal crimper from 1 mm² to 6 mm²



Type Size Blade Thickness Weight Specialization Notch
SW-843 6" 3.5mm 100g Standard Use
SW-843S 6" 3.5mm 99g Wire stripping
SW-843L 6" 3.5mm 98g Wire/cable stripping,
cutting cable up to 50mm²


The fiberglass-reinforced ergonomics handle, give you the most energy saving holding to cut the cable.
The excellent design notch on our scissors is your best choice to peel a wire/cable.
The excellent design of our scissors allows you to cut and crimp with the same tool. (From 1 mm² to 6 mm²)
Serrated Blade
The serrated blade (dentated, sawtooth, toothed blade) grips the wire to make the cutting easier and better.